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Deck Rebuild

The homeowners were looking for a deck rebuild and decided to hire our team to work on it. The deck was poorly structured and was no longer stable, making it dangerous for the homeowners to use. The goal of the remodel was not only to build a functional, stable deck, but also to make it more space-efficient and modern looking.

Our solution was to completely remove the existing deck, and rebuild with composite materials. Although the area gets sufficient shading, the structure did not allow the wood to dry out, compromising the long-term durability of the deck. Hence, the use of composite materials as a perfect solution to extend the shelf life of the deck.

The end result is a very nice, spacious and most importantly, a structurally stable deck for the family to enjoy all-year-round. Take a look at the before and after photos to see how the deck has been transformed!

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Finished Touches

Remodel In Progress

Before Deck Rebuild