For Your Home & Business

Building For a Higher Reward

At Altar we tip our hat to our beliefs and the foundation of “Building For a Higher Reward”. As you will notice the ‘Altar’ in Altar Construction Group is spelled as if we were bringing something to the Altar. This is how we approach every job with reverence and respect for each situation that we have been entrusted in enhancing our client’s homes and business.

Tim’s Favorite Part of the Job

Favorite Types of Projects

Basement Finishes

When basements are left unfinished, it is simply space gone to waste! Finishing out, framing, drywall, installing electrical, plumbing, maybe a rec room, bathroom & bedroom provides families significantly more usable space to enjoy their home and enhance the time that they spend there.

New Construction

From the floorplans to making memories, we take your dreams and budget to bring your dream home project to life! At Altar Construction Group, we are dedicated to providing homeowners a timely and stress-free experience while building a quality custom home.


Maybe it’s a sunroom or a four-season room that could add square footage to a home. With a little design and planning, adding an addition to a home can add an entirely new space that allows a family to enjoy their homes just a little bit more.

Commercial Build Out

Whether it is retail finishes or an office space build-out, this commercial space needs to be completed in such a way that those spending their time there can enjoy it and give the best of who they are when working.


Decks are a wonderful space to spend summer days; having one that is spacious where their owners feel relaxed is a thing of wonder if done right!


Maybe it’s just freshening up or ‘out with the old, and in with the new,’ but sometimes something new under your feet or a new color on the walls is just what an owner needs to enhance the space at home or office.


Whether it is a new carpet, laminate, tile, and vinyl, we can do it! Maybe you would like something insulated for the winter, but also cool enough for the summer. Our expertise can assist in giving advice on the perfect material.